First use of the Tilt Hydrometer at munsons

We have just obtained a Tilt hydrometer and put it to work this week.

A Coffee Stout was this Mondays brew and we are now tracking its progress with the Tilt.

The Tilt is a hydrometer and thermometer in one, that can connect wireless to smart phones and tablets.

Concealed in a plastic tube that floats in your fermenter, you sterilize the unit and drop it in to your fermenter, download the App and connect the Tilt via Bluetooth to your device.

We’ve choose to then store the data being logged by the unit to the Cloud using which is allowing us the constantly monitor progress of our latest beer remotely.

If you do want to track and cloud your results will need to leave an old phone or ipad in close proximity to the tilt, the range isn’t huge but we’re having no issues through a Stainless fermenter with thick insulation. You will also need to set the device to not go to sleep. On the iphone this is done via settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock set to Never.

more info on the Tilt


Now on the 2nd brew using the Tilt.

All going well until the dry hopping. The reading have gone fairly crazy over the last day. Opening the dry hopping port and shining a torch in, I could see the issue. Tilt nowhere to be seen…just a layer of hops and the tilt must be trapped under the layer.

3 thoughts on “First use of the Tilt Hydrometer at munsons

  1. Head Brewer says:

    Hi Bill, I only have the one Tilt so far, but am looking to get another in the very near future. I’m pretty sure that if they are different colours you should be able to hook up multiples, but I’ll update once I’ve tried.

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