The slots are limited to 3 people so that we can operate safely, but still ask to you to practice social distancing while collecting.


We will have contactless payment available when collecting or you can make a bacs payment prior to collecting. Details will be with your order confirmation.

Please bring your own bags when collecting.

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Table reservations are only available for customers dining with us. If you're not planning on having a meal ( ie. Drinks only) please do not Book a table. Group Bookings ( 6 or more people ): Please phone ( 01638 551 511 ) for groups larger than 6. Bookings available in multiples of 30 minutes slots - Please Select:

  1. Booking Date.
  2. Booking Start Time.
  3. Booking End Time.
  4. Number of Guests.
  5. Please Complete the Checkout to Confirm your Booking